Top five tips on packing moving boxes

Top five tips on packing moving boxes

Packing and moving can be a real hassle, many people choose to pack their own household goods when they move. This has several advantages, including allowing you to know exactly what has gone into every box, and marking it accordingly as you pack.

If you are organised and have a good idea of what you are doing, then you may be able to pack all of your items yourself.

However, it is always a good idea to know more about what you are doing when you pack, and it can be extremely helpful to know what you need before you begin.

Reading the top five tips on packing moving boxes can give you a good idea of where to start.

Get the best boxes

The key to packing your items well is to have them in good boxes. You should look for sturdy boxes
that will be able to take a lot of goods. Don’t use boxes that have been near to damp environments,
or that are not in good condition.

Make sure to tape the bottom of your box to ensure that it remains closed before filling.

Clearly label boxes

You need to know where each box will be going in your new location, and the removal teams need
to know how to handle the box. Mark each clearly “this way up” at the top of the box, and also label
it with the information you need.

Pack the box fully

Make sure that your boxes can be stacked easily by filling each one to the top, and then closing the
lid with tape. Poorly filled boxes may sag and become unstable.

Don’t overfill boxes

It is a good idea to try to spread your weighty items over several boxes. Make sure that each box is
light enough to carry safely, and keep your heavy boxes at the bottom of the pile. If you take the
time to keep your boxes light and square, then you should be able to store them comfortably.
Keep essential items in an overnight box

Whenever you are packing for a move, it is a good idea to keep one box separate from the rest, and
use it for household items that you might need on your first night.

This is one of the top five tips on packing moving boxes that people often overlook, only to find themselves without warm clothes, loo
rolls or snacks on their first night in a new house.

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