Do You Store My Furniture Before I Find a House?

Do You Store My Furniture Before I Find a House?

Do You Store My Furniture Before I Find a House?

At Gold Coast Removals, we know that it is not always possible to move straight from one property into another.

Problems with the house buying chain or other unavoidable circumstances can mean you need to put your belongings in storage before you complete the move.

We are a fully comprehensive moving service with the best Gold Coast container storage facilities and handling processes on the market.

Highest Standards

Whether you are able to complete your move in one day, or require a storage facility, you can be sure we operate to the same high standards.

We engage with you right from pre-pack through to your final destination, whether that be a new home or a long-term storage solution.

By packing and handling to the highest standards, we help make sure your furniture and other possessions are protected from risk of damage no matter the distance or length of time they are in a packed state.

We use the best quality and value packing materials and expert handling techniques at all times.

We use an individual documenting and tracking system, which means you’ll know exactly where your furniture, office equipment or other moveable items are at all times.

This helps us and you obtain easy access to your items whenever necessary.

Integrated Service

We are both a moving and storage provider. This is great news for both the quality of service we offer and the value for money you receive.

Because we take care of every stage of the process, your moveable items will never be double handled.

Our one-stop Gold Coast container storage solution offers a superb storage warehouse specially designed for the job.

Our warehouse is completely secure, and offers total protection from the elements. It is regularly maintained and cleaned to the highest standards.

We use plastic wrapping for soft furnishings and clean padding for any items we put in our warehouse.

We believe that choosing a complete removal and storage service is the most efficient, secure and best value way to make sure your goods are looked after from beginning to end.

By eliminating double handling, we also minimise labour costs, which adds to your value for money.

Get In Touch

If you’re not sure whether you need to store your belongings while you move, give us a call.

We are very flexible and can accommodate your needs as and if they change.

For the best Gold Coast container storage and removals service, just go to our website or if you’d like to speak to someone in person, call our friendly staff on (07) 5593 7460.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


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