How Much is a Removal Specialist on the Gold Coast?

How Much is a Removal Specialist on the Gold Coast?

How Much is a Removal Specialist on the Gold Coast?

Removals can differ in price by a great deal depending on the size and type of your move.

As well as the amount of property you need moving, there are considerations, such as the type of building you’re moving to or from, not to mention distance between the two.

You may need your belongings stored safely for a short or longer period.

At Gold Coast Removals, we have the experience and expertise as furniture movers on the Gold Coast to give you the best service at the best value, whatever your requirements.

Service Delivery

At Gold Coast Removals, we have the experience and versatility to take away the worry of your move no matter what your circumstances.

Because we use the best quality packing products, and our team are experienced professionals in the industry, you can be sure your belongings will be treated with as much care as if you had moved them yourself.

Our one shift container move service lets you take control of your belongings whether or not you are completely ready to move premises.

We bring your own container to your property and help you store what you need while you carry out your next steps in your move.

This flexible system means we can deliver your storage container directly to your new premises, or keep it stored securely for as long as you want.

This takes the stress out of struggling around furniture that is ready to go, while trying to live your daily life.

Flexible Options

As one of the biggest furniture movers on the Gold Coast, we have the facilities, equipment and team to give you great value during your move.

As we move locally and interstate, we have the flexibility to make your move a seamless part of our operations without you noticing any difference other than a greatly reduced price.

If you choose our backloading option, we will incorporate your move between locations by using any empty space we have in between pick-ups and deliveries. We carefully calculate your space requirements and use any partly used trucks to transport your goods.

This means we can offer truly excellent rates, which also has the advantage of using less fuel, which is great for the environment.

By being flexible and offering expert advice, we keep the cost of your move to a minimum.

We are experts at high-rise moves, and have a superb, state of the art storage facility on the Gold Coast to keep your belongings in pristine condition.

Get In Touch

As the expert furniture movers on the Gold Coast, we’d love to hear from you.

Contact us here for a free quote or call us on (07) 5593 7460.

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