The Best Removal Truck on the Gold Coast?

The Best Removal Truck on the Gold Coast?

The Best Removal Truck on the Gold Coast?

At Gold Coast Removals, we provide a great value, truly comprehensive moving service.

This takes away the hassle and worry of your move, no matter how near or far that might be.

We can move you in a day or keep your belongings in storage for as long as you need.

As we have many years’ experience in removals on the Gold Coast, we believe we have the best team, the best equipment and the best practices in the business.

Gold Service

Our team take the best care of your possessions.

We have an excellent pre pack service, where we carry out valeting of your belongings to prepare them for your move.

By making sure your goods are in the best possible condition before we pack them, we build in a quality service to guarantee that they will be in just as good condition when we unpack them.

We use the best value packing materials expertly to protect your belongings at every stage of your move.

With our experience, we know which materials best suit every item, from large items of furniture to dinner services.

As we take equal care with everything we pack, size, shape and material are no object.

We have a no damage guarantee, just to give you extra peace of mind during your move.

This is valid for all the time we have your possessions with us.

Whether this is for a move of a few miles, interstate or further, we will replace any item in the unlikely event it becomes damaged.

Trucking Experts

After our expert pre- packing, we load and balance your goods efficiently and safely.

As we carry out moves over long distances, our trucks are fully equipped to protect your belongings no matter how long the journey.

We also have storage units, which you can hire if you need to keep your belongings static for a period of time.

As we carry out your move so efficiently, we cut your costs at every stage.

This means we provide great value for money as well as quality of service.

We keep the cost of your move as low as possible and can offer extra value moving options.

Our experience in removals on the Gold Coast means we offer a great backloading service.

By choosing this option, you can greatly reduce an already superbly priced move.

Backloading works by moving your goods in one of our trucks that is already booked to travel between the two locations in your move.

By providing us with an inventory of your goods, we can carry out your move using a truck that would otherwise have been partly or fully empty.

This cuts your costs as you only pay for movement in one direction.

Make Your Move

To find out more about our great offers and expertise in removals on the Gold Coast, visit our website or call us on (07) 5593 7460.

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