High Rise Removals

High Rise Removals

High Rise Removals

Moving properties is one of the most stressful activities in life, especially when moving in and out of high-rise buildings.

This can be daunting not only because you remember how hard it was moving in, while you can’t remember how anyone would get your wardrobe in an elevator, you do remember how hard it was moving in; having to wait for elevators in a busy multi-apartment complex and not being able to load up due to the lift being unavailable.

As furniture removers on the Gold Coast for many years, we at Gold Coast Removals have plenty of experience of this kind of move, and can ease all your high rise worries.

Gold Standard

Over the past couple of decades, the Gold Coast has acquired a lot of high-rise developments. Businesses and residents flock to the region’s warmer climate and beach lifestyle.

As these high-rise buildings have gone up, so has our experience grown completing safe removals and storage.

There are a few logistical challenges when moving furniture and other valuables in and out of high-rise offices or apartment blocks.

Space is always at a premium, both in terms of room size and corners to be negotiated.

There may be stairways in your high rise, although it is more likely to be serviced by elevators. Then there is the question of car parking.

A lot of modern high-rise developments come with underground car parks. Unlike other moves, this means our removal trucks can’t get to the foot of your stairs.

We have solved this problem by falling back on one of our national treasures, the Ute.

As we pack everything we move to the same exacting standards, using the best materials, we can load large items like wardrobes on the back of the utility vehicle underground and transfer them to our trucks outside.

Smooth Operators

Whether either of the buildings in your move has an underground car park or not, our years of experience as furniture removers on the Gold Coast means we make the process as smooth and painless as possible.

Our ingenious use of the Ute, or the High Rise Helper as we like to call it, is proof we make the best use of time in any situation, helping to save you money by saving labour costs and the need to dismantle furniture at one end and reassemble it at the other.

The Ute can carry very large items straight from the underground elevator to our main transporter trucks.

Like every other type of move we carry out, high-rise removals come with our guarantee of high quality customer service and great value moving solutions.

Say Hi

If you need to move to or from high-rise offices or apartments, contact Gold Coast Removals, the best furniture movers on the Gold Coast. Visit our site, or call us on (07) 5593 7460.

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