How Long Does Packing and Moving Take?

How Long Does Packing and Moving Take?

How Long Does Packing and Moving Take?

Packing and moving can be really stressful. As well as the worry about trying not to forget anything, you want to make sure your most delicate items survive the move without a scratch.

All of this can take time, which adds to the anxiety. Help reduce moving stress by contacting Gold Coast Removals, for the best movers on the Gold Coast.

Friendly Faces

From the first phone call, we at Gold Coast Removals take care to liaise with you at all times, starting with our Pre-pack service.

This means we get to know each other a bit and you can tell us exactly what you need.

Packing and moving doesn’t have to take long; that depends on you. You can be sure the move itself will be done in a day, maybe less depending on your requirements.

We take all the time it needs during Pre-pack to get the measure of the job.

We have years of experience, packing and moving households and businesses within the Gold Coast, interstate or internationally.

Whichever it is, you can rely on our care and efficiency, so the distance of your move won’t make a difference to our quality service.

Attention to Detail

We believe we are the best movers on the Gold Coast, because we take care with all the small details.

We have a full valet service, both at the Pre-pack and Unpack. So, we make sure your furniture and valuables are in the best condition for the move, and take extra care when unpacking at delivery end.

We also use the best packing materials for your move. Getting these items right is essential, and we use the most suitable packaging depending on the job.

We know the difference between price and quality, and we use the best value materials for storing and moving.

Whatever the size of your moving job, we store all your goods correctly. If you need furniture keeping in storage for a length of time, we pack using materials to keep it in the best condition.

Our packing and moving system cuts out any double handling, keeping any risk of damage to a bare minimum.

Great Value

We provide a truly flexible service, which means we give great value. We offer a per box rate, giving you the flexibility to move those items you might want yourself, and we use both ready-made and purpose built boxes.

We provide all tape, bubble wrap, packing paper and protective cover, all of which we remove when the job’s done. This means you won’t have the stress or the cost of getting rid of these yourself.

Get in Touch

For superb fast and efficient container storage on the Gold Coast, give us a call. Use our local number (07) 5593 7460 or you can use the email contact form to give us your details and we’ll call you.

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