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Packing Tips for a Smooth Moving Service

Packing Tips for a Smooth Moving Service

It’s well-known that moving home or business premises is one of the most stressful events of a person’s life, and recent research has shown that many people find packing the most taxing part of moving house. So, if you can manage to take control of this aspect, the whole moving process can become a lot less demanding.


Knowing exactly where each item will go in your new property isn’t easy. However, by following some simple tips, it’s possible to overcome the concern, which can cause some people to have a complete meltdown when thinking about packing. Here is some advice from the best removalist local Gold Coast movers rely on.


Pack awkward items first


The average home will have a wide variety of items, from small to large, light to heavy, precious to bulky, and some just downright difficult to pack. Speak to the best removalist on the Gold Coast before you start packing, and you’ll be able to break down the packing process into manageable steps. Bearing in mind that some items will be harder to pack than others, it’s often best to start with the most tricky, if possible.


Heavy items such as furniture can often be packed first, as they are not essential for daily life, whereas whitegoods usually cannot as people still need fridges and washing machines at home on a daily basis. When packing these, reinforce the corners with cardboard and tape to help avoid damage and scratching walls during the move. 


If you’re packing items into boxes, reinforce the corners and edges with tape, then, use crumpled newspaper or bubble wrap at the bottom of the box before placing the item inside. Finish with the same at the top to help avoid damaging the items inside.


Choose the right materials for delicate items


Some items should be packed using specialist materials. Glass or porcelain, for example, are obviously the most fragile, and need extra thought regarding protection during transit; this includes packing materials and positioning during the move itself. Lamps and pictures with glass frames should also be packed using the right materials and stowed correctly before being transported.


Packing materials are available online, although it is always worth asking professional advice before buying as your local movers may supply these as well. As some materials are expensive, the best removalist that Gold Coast customers come to can use these more than once. Careful packing techniques ensure that materials such as bubble wrap, boxes and packing paper can be reused many times, which can significantly cut the cost of a move.


Remember, packing is quite a complicated process, especially if there is a wide range of items involved. An experienced removalist like Gold Coast Removals makes the best use of materials and uses knowledge of expert stowing techniques to help alleviate your packing-related stress.

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