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Choose Professional Furniture Removals on the Gold Coast to Avoid Any Damages

Choose Professional Furniture Removals on the Gold Coast to Avoid Any Damages

Choose Professional Furniture Removals on the Gold Coast to Avoid Any Damages

When moving home or business premises, the value of furniture can be highlighted when you consider how much it would cost to replace it. It is estimated that the average Australian home is under-insured by as much as $20,000; while this may not be an issue as there is no threat to the property, it can be a sticking point once you decide you’re moving on the Gold Coast.


For business operators, replacing furniture will hugely impact the bottom line, yet the business can’t function without it. For homeowners, furniture can have sentimental value, and therefore in some ways be impossible to replace. In either case, furniture removals that Gold Coast customers must take every care when moving furniture. 


The importance of making an inventory


As part of furniture removals on the Gold Coast, the removalist can employ a move coordinator, who will itemise all furniture to be moved on an inventory. This detailed list will be completed in conjunction with the customer, so that each party agrees on the description of the items. An inventory is helpful if you decide you need to take some or all items to be placed in storage, either temporarily or indefinitely.


The inventory is very important for two reasons. Firstly, it allows the customer to keep track of individual items across the removals process, so that each one can be ticked off the list and inspected at the time of reinstatement. Secondly, this is an excellent opportunity to value the items in question. A professional removalist can agree upon a realistic value for each item, which they can add to the quote if you decide you require transit insurance.


Know what you’re in for


Furniture is so valuable to both home and business owners, you as a customer have every right to ask questions of your removalist. Of course, checking the reputation of any company offering furniture removals on the Gold Coast can be done online and by word-of-mouth before getting in touch. However, on meeting your move coordinator for the first time, you can also ask specific questions, such as are there any hidden fees or do they move bulky items, which they will be happy to answer.


Ask practical questions like, what is the best way to move particularly fragile, heavy or awkward items – for instance, a piano. Also, enquire as to their system of packing and stowage during transit, what type of materials they use, and what standards their staff are trained to. 


A reputable company like Gold Coast Removalists can answer these queries, when you contact us on (07) 5631 8631 to transport your valuable furniture.

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