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How Interstate Removalists on the Gold Coast Can Help Move Your Commercial Property

How Interstate Removalists on the Gold Coast Can Help Move Your Commercial Property

How Interstate Removalists on the Gold Coast Can Help Move Your Commercial Property

Commercial operators move their premises more today than in previous eras, as organisations expand, and the introduction of technology makes more remote work possible. Many professionals expect to be relocated at least once during their working careers, due to the contingencies of modern business practice, and established removalists can make the process more efficient for managers and staff alike.


As Australia is such a large country, relocating commercial premises is often an interstate transition. The distances involved can be quite considerable. For instance, a move from Brisbane to Adelaide is more than 2000 kilometres. For this reason, the Interstate removalists that Gold Coast businesses rely on use a number of techniques to ease the process.


Careful preparation before and during moving


Many business premises are located in multi-storey buildings, which can make the removals process quite challenging. Experienced professionals liaise carefully with customers before tendering a quote, based on the type of work and packaging that will be required. The quote can vary according to a building configuration if the mover assesses there will be extra lifting and logistics involved. 


Interstate removalists that Gold Coast commercial customers use liaise with building managers where appropriate, to facilitate access with the minimum disruption. If there are restrictions on the use of elevators and stairwells, this may entail after-hours moving. If night-time access is not possible, weekends or public holidays can provide the time needed, especially when moving larger operations.


Minimising downtime is a priority


Another advantage of moving premises out-of-hours is it decreases loss of hours of operation. Lost labour time can be a significant added cost to a business operator, on top of the fees charged for the move itself. Professional interstate removalists that Gold Coast enterprises favour will carry out all work within a pre-agreed schedule, so business managers can be confident letting their customers know when their company will resume trading.


With pre-move liaison as a matter of course, the removalist will know what type of packaging to use, including specialised materials for delicate items such as IT equipment. They will also bring the correct number of trained staff to carry out the job during the allotted timescale. This can include placing items in storage, if the new premises is smaller than the original space.


The highly trained movers at Gold Coast Removalists only use the latest packaging materials and offer full transit insurance for commercial fixtures and fittings. Contact us today on (07) 5631 8631 to talk about your moving needs.

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