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Packing Pro Tips: The Great Pre-Move Declutter

Packing Pro Tips: The Great Pre-Move Declutter

Packing Pro Tips: The Great Pre-Move Declutter

As moving home can be expensive, you can use the occasion to de-clutter to let go of the things you don’t need anymore. However, throwing things away for the sake of it can be as unproductive as retaining unneeded items. It’s important to think carefully about de-cluttering before doing it, which means taking the time and doing it properly.

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If you’ve decided now is the time to de-clutter, here are some tips from the best movers on the Gold Coast.

1  Choose the right time


If you have a moving date, it’s important to create a schedule and stick to it. A few weeks or even months can seem like plenty of time to do everything, which sometimes leads to people leaving it until too late. De-cluttering is a prime example of this. On moving day, you may end up making hard decisions about treasured possessions, so allow yourself a suitable time to do it.


2  Be methodical


It’s often best to go through one room at a time. The best movers that Gold Coast householders trust know that rooms like the kitchen and bathroom are easiest, as it’s plain to see what you don’t use. Also, people don’t tend to get sentimental about practical items like soaps, toothpaste and loofahs. Utility rooms, wardrobes and other storage spaces will be the hardest to deal with, so set aside plenty of time.


3  Tidy as you go


As soon as you identify unwanted items, it’s an excellent idea to get rid of them straight away. Take them to the charity shop or street bin, the dump or other appropriate places to help free up space. Clearing out old junk can provide a great feeling of progress and is excellent for stress relief.


4  Use storage if necessary


With the best will in the world, it may not be possible to decide whether or not to keep an item. If it’s particularly bulky, the best movers on the Gold Coast can help you with a storage solution. This gives you time to make a final decision, while still de-cluttering in time for your move. Storing your belongings helps you avoid making snap decisions, which you may later regret.


A good removalist like Gold Coast Removals will give expert advice on storage options, as well as the best outlets to use for various unwanted possessions.

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