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Find a friendly removalist

Find a friendly removalist

Find a friendly removalist

Moving house is a very stressful time. Your home is likely in chaos, with boxes everywhere while you go through old clothes, books and other items and separating them into “keep” and “junk”. When looking for quality furniture removals on the Gold Coast, a personal touch makes all the difference. After all, you are essentially handing over all your possessions to strangers. This is where online reviews are very helpful to determine which Gold Coast removalist you hire. 

Moving from a high-rise apartment can be particularly stressful, as the logistics can be tricky. You have to check with the building manager and are limited to certain times of the day or week to move. You may have moved into a semi-furnished unit, while the previous owner said they no longer wanted the goods, so you may have collected some furniture along the way. As parking is usually in the basement, a good removalist needs to be experienced enough to navigate the tight spaces without damaging goods.

Techniques used by experienced professionals

The best furniture removals for your Gold Coast household will discuss your inventory before moving day to ensure there are no hiccups or hidden fees to spring on you. It’s best to let your removalist know the date of your move as soon as possible in case they book out in advance. Leaving your move to the last minute will only create more stress than necessary as you rush to get things done and everything packed in time.

Professional movers will make sure goods are properly packed before taking them out to the lift. Once in the truck, your Gold Coast movers will secure your belongings, so they don’t move around while in transit. Keeping your furniture and boxes packed tightly will help reduce the risk of any damage.

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A reliable local removalist will have the experience and the reputation to back up any promises of delivering great customer service. Word of mouth is a great way to find a good removalist, so think of online reviews as “word of mouth” on steroids. Web searches are easy to find what you’re looking for, so go online and research your Gold Coast removalist to check what services they offer, such as packing, unpacking, assembling furniture and insurance options.


To determine how friendly and helpful a removalist is going to be, contact Gold Coast Removals to discuss the moving process. Our experienced movers offer free quotes to help you find the right local mover. 

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