How to Avoid Dents, Dings and Scratches when Moving Furniture

How to Avoid Dents, Dings and Scratches when Moving Furniture

How to Avoid Dents, Dings and Scratches when Moving Furniture

One of the most common problems with moving house is when you are finally unpacking only to discover your furniture has suffered significant damage during the move. To avoid any future disappointment and unexpected costs, here are a few tips to safeguard your belongings.

Use Appropriate Packing Supplies

Most companies that specialise in furniture removals on the Gold Coast will be able to supply appropriate packing supplies. Movers can also take care of this task for you but if you prefer to do it yourself, you will need to get packing tape, moving blankets, bubble wrap, sofa and mattress covers, sealable bags, plastic wrap and carboard sheets.

Preparing the Furniture

Before you start packing, spend some time dusting and cleaning your furniture. Not only will it help you protect the pieces, it will also stop dirt from coming into your new home. Once that is done, remove knobs, pulls and casters and keep them in a sealable bag to avoid losing them. Take drawers out of the dressers and pack items inside them to save space.

If possible, dismantle furniture. Removing legs from tables and couches can save space in the truck and it will help prevent damage to the walls or doorframes. Keep all the screws and other small pieces in sealable plastic bags along with the owner’s manual. This will save you a lot of time when you are ready to reassemble the pieces.

Wrap the Furniture Correctly

Wrapping is the key to avoiding damage during furniture removals on the Gold Coast. Use the bubble wrap to protect timber pieces. Use sofa covers or plastic wrap for sofas or other upholstered pieces. You can also add a layer of corrugated carboard to the wooden pieces to avoid scratches while they are in transit.

If you have glass table tops or mirrors, you will need to mark a big X in the middle with painter’s tape. The tape will prevent the glass from shattering if it happens to break during the move. Wrap the glass or mirror with bubble wrap then place it between sheets of corrugated cardboard.

If you are planning your next move, get in touch with Gold Coast Removals. We offer complete moving services to make the process as stress-free as possible.

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