Do you need a special mover to move a piano?

Do you need a special mover to move a piano?

Moving a piano

Moving a piano can be a costly and expensive business, and homeowners often don’t know what to do with a piano when it needs to be taken from one location to another. It might seem like a good idea to hire a professional piano mover, but they can often be costly. Torn between trying to move the piano safely and the price, many homeowners find themselves asking ‘do you need a special mover to move a piano’. The answer to this may depend upon your own circumstances, how far the piano has to travel, and why it can be a good idea to call in the experts in any case.

Moving an immoveable object

The piano is probably the most difficult piece of commonly-found furniture to move. This is because these instruments often weigh between 300 and 500kg. The very problem of moving a piano has been depicted in cartoons and films across the decades, and is a re-occurring theme in stories and plays. In many of these tales, the piano ends up in pieces, and the movers can be injured too. There is also the problem of keeping the interior of the piano safe, including all of the keys, strings and pedals. If a piano is damaged during transit, it can be extremely costly. If you have no experience of moving a piano, you may also find that it is very difficult to get into position, and you need to work on a route through your property in order to minimise the risk. Often, you could do better by allowing a professional to handle the process.

Getting a piano moved professionally

As noted, the most likely reason that you have chosen not to employ a piano mover is that they are very expensive. You might pay as much as $1000 to move a large piano, but you can also find piano movers at a much more affordable rate – more like $150-$300. If you are wondering “Do you need a special mover to move a piano?”, then you should think about the cost of organising a route through your home, the effort of shifting the piano yourself, and the chances that the piano could be damaged if moved by amateurs. When you compare the cost of replacing the piano, which could be thousands of dollars, with the cost of employing a professional to keep your instrument safe, then the solution is obvious.

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