How Does Backloading Work?

How Does Backloading Work?

How Does Backloading Work?

The practice of backloading is becoming more popular, especially in countries like Australia, whereby many moves are made interstate, with long distances involved. The concept gains the approval of environmentalists as well as removalists’ customers because it – at least in theory – makes efficient use of the fossil fuels that power removal trucks. This efficiency is appreciated by other transport operators, not just removalists.

While the backloading that Gold Coast removalists often use certainly has its advantages for business, it’s not necessarily the most natural way to have your prized possessions moved long distance. When considering using backloading, therefore, it’s best to weigh up its pros and cons.

The advantages of backloading

For the customer, the main advantage of backloading is the price, or at least that is the general perception. When booking a removalist in the traditional way, the customer hires the whole truck. There are different sizes of truck, of course, but it’s often the case that there will be quite a bit of empty space in the back. By opting for backloading, the customer only hires the amount of space required just for their belongings.

Much like other just-in-time delivery methods, the backloading that Gold Coast businesses offer also relies on the fact that empty, or partly empty, trucks will be passing a customer’s home or business at some point in the near future. If that customer is then able to have their items ready to go, they will be delivered at a fraction of the traditional cost. Depending on which service is used as a comparison, this could be a cost-saving of up to two thirds.


Potential drawbacks of using backloading

There is anecdotal evidence, especially online, that backloading does not always work for everybody. The reasons for this vary by individual move, but the most common reasons given for dissatisfaction are time and level of care.

By its very nature, backloading on the Gold Coast requires customers to respond quickly when moving their belongings. This reverses the traditional method, where the customer agrees a moving time and date with the removals company and is then prepared for it. In the case of backloading, the movers’ possessions must be packed and ready to go at an unspecified time. This can mean furniture and other goods taking up space and having to wait for delivery times.

The level of care is another concern cited by customers using backloading. While some removalists like Gold Coast Removals will send enough staff to carefully stow belongings, others will expect the customer to help them. This can be seen as a lack of professionalism, which many home and business owners expect when having their possessions moved.
If you’re considering backloading on the Gold Coast, don’t risk your possessions and only contact the experts at Gold Coast Removals on (07) 5593 7460.

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